Dong-Kyum Kim

Postdoc @ IBS Data Science Group


B231, IBS Theory Bldg

Expo-ro 55, Yuseong-gu

Daejeon, Korea, 34126

I am a physicist passionate about AI and did my PhD in physics at KAIST, Korea. Under professor Hawoong Jeong’s supervision, I worked on applications of ML in complex systems and statistical physics. My current research focus is understanding highly complex nonequilibrium systems, such as biological systems, active matter, and others in nature, through stochastic thermodynamics with ML-based approaches.



  1. NeurIPS-W
    Transformer needs NMDA receptor nonlinearity for long-term memory
    Dong-Kyum Kim, Jea Kwon, Meeyoung Cha, and C. Justin Lee
    In NeurIPS 2022 Memory in Artificial and Real Intelligence workshop 2022
  2. Preprint
    Multidimensional entropic bound: Estimator of entropy production for general Langevin dynamics with an arbitrary time-dependent protocol
    Sangyun Lee, Dong-Kyum Kim, Jong-Min Park, Won Kyu Kim, Hyunggyu Park, and Jae Sung Lee
    arXiv 2022
  3. PRR
    Estimating entropy production with odd-parity state variables via machine learning
    Dong-Kyum Kim, Sangyun Lee, and Hawoong Jeong
    Phys. Rev. Research Apr 2022
  4. PRR
    Inferring dissipation maps from videos using convolutional neural networks
    Youngkyoung Bae, Dong-Kyum Kim, and Hawoong Jeong
    Phys. Rev. Research Aug 2022


  1. Preprint
    Spontaneous emergence of music detectors in a deep neural network
    Gwangsu Kim, Dong-Kyum Kim, and Hawoong Jeong
    bioRxiv Aug 2021
  2. PRR
    Deep reinforcement learning for feedback control in a collective flashing ratchet
    Dong-Kyum Kim, and Hawoong Jeong
    Phys. Rev. Research Apr 2021


  1. PRL
    Learning Entropy Production via Neural Networks
    Dong-Kyum Kim, Youngkyoung Bae, Sangyun Lee, and Hawoong Jeong
    Phys. Rev. Lett. Oct 2020
  2. JKPS
    Multi-label classification of historical documents by using hierarchical attention networks
    Dong-Kyum Kim, Byunghwee Lee, Daniel Kim, and Hawoong Jeong
    Journal of the Korean Physical Society Oct 2020